The Fungates System

Uniqueness of Fungates

  • Structured system yet fun and enjoyable
  • Thematic teaching to activate a common train of thoughts for the week
  • Happy and cheery atmosphere to promote positive feelings
  • Strong bonds between teachers and students
  • Child-centred but teacher-guided activities to challenge critical thinking
  • Focuses on multiple needs, interests and talents
  • Positive reinforcement approach in discipline
  • Many hand-on experience opportunities
  • Sufficient apparatus for every child which is similar to teacher’s
  • Comprehensive syllabus geared towards the Primary School Education System

Fungates Superflow Foundation

The Fungates Superflow Foundation was founded by Clarine Chun in April 2007. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the community with social, welfare and health needs. Prior to the Foundation, various community programmes have already been operating since June 2001 under an organization known as Superflow. 

“The Foundation simply wants to offer a better life to those in need physically and mentally. May we all rise together with a greater awareness towards social concerns to provide love, care, acceptance and joy to all without prejudice and discrimination.” 

Clarine Chun