Our Programmes

Year-3 (8.30am – 12.15pm)

The 3 year old children are offered a variety of hands-on, fun-filled and innovative activities that inspire the little ones to explore through their inquisitiveness with confidence and challenge themselves for new tasks. The fun engaging curriculum is both enriching and fulfilling to develop necessary skills to enhance their learning capacity. The Literacy Circle Time is an essential part of our curriculum to foster communication and creative thinking skills in young children.

Year-4 (8.30am – 12.15pm)

The curriculum provides the experience of fun learning as the avenue to build strong foundation in language and cognitive developments which are vital in a multi-linguistic environment. The curriculum covers concepts on numbers, phonics, Chinese and writing as as well as creativity and aesthetic activities. Lessons are age-appropriate and taught with lots of fun and hands-on activities. Children will explore writing letters of the alphabet, numbers and Chinese bihua (笔画). The programme is a good head start for children to learn active listening, reading and writing. The Literacy Circle as well as Project Based Learning are planned to activate children’s thinking skills and enhance their learning capacity.  

Year-5 & 6 (8.30am – 12.30pm)

The comprehensive programmes for the 5 and 6 year old children are structured with strong emphasis on Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese and Mathematics as well as life-long learning skills. The 6C’s learning approach enables our children to be good thinkers and able to tackle HOTS (High Order Thinking Skills) questions. The Literacy Circle sessions allow children to cultivate love of reading as well as engage them with active listening, creative thinking and communication skills. Project Based Learning is incorporated in the curriculum. This is a method of teaching that immerses children in interactive real world learning experiences. The programme prepares our children to face the challenges of National Schools, Chinese Vernacular Schools (SJKC) and International Schools.

After School Programme

The After School Programme (ASP) consists of a wholesome monthly thematic syllabus where a child’s inquisitive needs are nurtured and encouraged to further enhance the morning school lessons. ASP promotes interest to acquire knowledge across several disciplines. With STEAM integrated in the ASP to feed curious minds of children, learning becomes natural and fun. Executive Function Skills that include switching between tasks, organization and self-control (regulating emotions and behaviour) are essential skills nurtured in our ASP.

Lunch and daycare services are also provided. Kindly enquire for more details.